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I am happily married to the love of my life, Chad, & the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Allie Grace and Saylor. I am a Christ follower first & foremost & have totally committed my life to Him. I am a fulltime mother to 2 amazing daughters & a part-time ER RN! I am surrounded by the most wonderful of friends & the best of family. ++The LORD is my rock, my fortress & my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield & the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:1-2

Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Busy Week!

Ok so the last few weeks have bee so busy but really lots of fun!! It started with Allie Grace spring break taking her to Nana and Papa's for the week. She enjoyed her time with them "all by herself" and really loved going to the Ripleys' Aquirium and seeing the sharks that swam above her head in the tank!! Then the week went on with Chad, Saylor and I going to get AG Thurs night and going to church with The Cross' and hearing Nana play the bells. Nana was great but the girls were very restless and entertained us during the service--remind me never to take children into church again!! Then Friday we headed to Wilmington to see Meme and Papa Harry. We enjoyed our time visiting with cousins and seeing SaSa. Went to an Easter Egg Hunt Sat and saw a big pretend bunny that AG almost gave hug- said she would next time!! We also saw a real bunny that ran by too- that was neat and unexpected!! Our weekend continued on and we got back to Mt P then turned around and went to Santee Lake for 2 nights to see Nana and Papa again!! AG caught her 1st fish!! We enjoyed our time relaxing amongst SC wildlife!! We are finally home and re- cooping from 2 weeks of fun filled times!! The girls are pooped, off schedule but have many priceless memories!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Small Group Easter Party!

We had our annual Easter Party and egg hunt at Small Group this past Sunday and what fun it was!! The kids, which there are 15 now, run around for the egg hunt...while the parents catch up and Chad grills burgers! It is so nice to have such wonderful friends who are in the same parenting years to talk to and share stories...and for advise and support. This group has been one of the best decisions Chad and I have made together. We joined when Allie Grace was only 1 month old, January 2006, and have loved every minute. We have developed life long friendships and a greater relationship with our God. Our studies have been wonderful- from the teachings to marriage and to parenting, we continue to learn and grow closer to God. I thank everyday for my wonderful friends and our small group who is growing rather rapidly to a large group!! But our Easter party is just one of the fun things we do and we had great fun!! Charlotte taught Allie Grace how to swing by herself while Saylor watched on! And the girls wore their matching dresses that Lisa wondered where mine was- haha!! Chad thinks he undercooked the burgers- but who cares, still was great!! And the new babies (Eli, Saylor and Hayes) stared at each other wanting to play.

I'm telling you- this is the best group ever!! Can't wait for more fun stories to tell you about!!
I love my Small Group, Tanya

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Allie Grace's Easter Party!

Allie Grace had her Easter Party at school today!! We had a blast even if it was raining...and still is. The egg hunt was in the hallways, and the kids could care less--just interested in finding eggs fast that were filled with yummy treats. I even saw AG shake her eggs to make sure she was going to get something good...and saw her put one back that made no noise when she shook it- too funny:) She means business when it comes to candy!! But the day was great and the kids had a blast! Just now finally drying off from the rain!

This is AG's first published artwork!! The kids were given an example to go by and was told to paint what they saw. I think all the kids did great and used their imaginations! The first painting is a flower and the second is a rainbow. How cool:)
I love Easter time & being with my family, Tanya

Many Milestones!!

It has been a big week in the Cross household!!
Allie Grace can put together "all by herself" a 24 piece puzzle---I actually noticed her do this a couple months ago, but I finally got it on the camera! She loves puzzles and has been mastering them since the very beginning. Puzzles are her thing!
Saylor has learned to clap or she is saying "more" in sign language. Been teaching her to sign but also to clap...or pattie-cake... She also has been waving "bye-bye". She is very mobile now, and pushes herself up to a standing positon--I sense her walking very soon!
Looking forward to many more milestones!!
I love my girls, Mommy