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I am happily married to the love of my life, Chad, & the mother of 2 beautiful daughters, Allie Grace and Saylor. I am a Christ follower first & foremost & have totally committed my life to Him. I am a fulltime mother to 2 amazing daughters & a part-time ER RN! I am surrounded by the most wonderful of friends & the best of family. ++The LORD is my rock, my fortress & my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge. He is my shield & the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:1-2

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daddy's Catfish Club Weekend!

One of Chad's love is, of course, me-- but it's fishing!! He loves to fish, could sit out there all day and not care if he caught one or not!! I love that he enjoys this hobby too--at times, I wish he would stay home and help me around here, but he needs this I need my time to shop, blog, read, ect!! So this past weekend, he went catfishing and had a blast with his boys!! Us girls did our thing here and are glad to have daddy home with his big "I just went fishing" smile on!!:)We love you, Daddy, and your fishing hobby- Tanya & Girls

Friday, March 27, 2009

AfterBaby Diet

Ok- so I started my afterbaby diet again. I would like to lose 10 lbs before swim suit season, so here I go... I am going to keep a little blog journal on my progress so I can stay motivated. I have to admit, I am very proud of myself of the weight I have lost since having Saylor last July- mind you, I gained 76lbs--I like to eeeaaattt while I'm pregnant. To date I have lost 56lbs--so that's pretty good, don't you think?! I just joined the gym at ESAC and have started working out just for 20 minutes or so. I am really enjoying my time to myself, even if its on the eliptical- plus I get to watch tv and any show I want--that doesn't happen when you have 2 little ones who are mesmerized by tv if it's on!! At our house tv stays off most of the day except for scheduled tv times!! Anyways, I literally, just started my 1st shake on my diet for the 2nd round and am ready to do this!! Thanks to my wonderful neighbor who just had a baby too- we are going to do this together and support each other...that's why I love her. She doesn't care how I look and what I look like, she just supports me and loves me for who I am---and I the same for her!! So to both of us, who are the best mamas ever, happy dieting b/c all the weight we gained, was totally worth it!!

I love you Saylor and AG for giving me an afterbaby body!! And I love my neighbor for her continuing support! Tanya

Oh- and if anyone is interested in this diet, go to www. and order the shake kit--it's the best. And if you do, put me as your reference, please and thanks!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why I am starting a blog...

Just thought I would write a little note as to why I started blogging- and why it will hopefully impact my "heart" as well as my families. I love to journal, scrapbook and keep up with little things that my family and I do, so this is just another outlet. I thought at first I was blogging for others to read but really it's for me to see the things I have accomplished, witnessed and participated in over my days, my parenting days- which can be so overwhelming and fullfilling at the same time- so what better way to remember, than to blog! So hopefully in the future when my children can read, they will look back on all the fun times we had and are currently having!! Thanks Aunt Meggy for getting me started and those who read-you should blog too:)

I love my family, Tanya

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Allie Grace Music Day

Allie Grace is in 2 year old preschool at PCA (Palmetto Christian Academy) which has been one of the best decisions Chad and I have made. She is about to finish up the year, and I have seen such a huge impact PCA has brought into her little life. She has developed relationships, learned manners/sharing (hopefully) and has been filled with God's teachings! Last week Chad, Nana, Papa Jack, Megan, Saylor and I were able to attend one of her many fun things that goes on there- music with parents day!! Ms Alice is her music teache who says Allie Grace is always singing and doing the dances that go along--doesn't surprise me since she has been playing her CD player on her own since birth (jk) and dancing and singing to every song possible!! She cracks me up playing her CD player in her room and pressing pause to go to the bathroom--remember she is only 3 now!! So last Tuesday we all got to witness a little piece of her fun filled times in music class with Ms Alice!
Allie Grace loves music, and I love her!! Mommy

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Georgia Family

Just got back from spending time with my Georgia Family!! The 6 hour trip there and back, have to admit, was not too bad. Thought driving that far with two girls was going to be rough- but not so. They slept most of the way, thanks to me planning departure time with nap time! Megan was a big help too- her being able to turn around and assist when needed, wish I
could do that- get too car sick! But my visit with Grandma Maddox was a great one. A little like being in the movie Groundhog Day, but still very relaxing. Everyday we do the same thing; that's due to my
Grandma's progressive Alzheimer's disease. But I have to say, she is the sweetest and is the cutest little Grandma ever --who I love more than anything and will be there for 4ever. She, thankfully, still remembers us and who we are. The day will come when she will not, and I am slowly embracing that- with God's mercy and help from my sister Megan.
Ok- so have to mention one thing---met my cousin's boyfriend, who I really like. Hope he's the one Tiff!! The girls did great being away from home and loved playing with their cousins. Allie Grace wanting to climb in the trees with the olders and Saylor getting fed pizza by Aunt Betty was too fun.....all memories to add to more wonderful times with my Georgia family!! Oh and the daily trips to eating up at the Grill and shopping at Carters!! :)

I love you GA family, T-

Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Sister Megan is Here!!

I love having my sister, Megan, come visit. She means the world to me, and it is such a special time to have her here. Especially her getting to spend some time with the girls. We also go and visit our Grandma in GA, which makes for a long drive with 2 girls but is well worth it when we get to see our wonderful Maddox family! Fun times always are in store when she's here- movies, shopping, eating out---all my favorites--and so much more!! I have to give credit to my blog to her, she has been wanting me to do one forever so she helped me get started and showed me the ropes. So now can she can see what we are up to with ease. So hopefully I will get good with blogging and keep her up to date with my sweet little families lives!!

I love Aunt Meggy!!